Engineering and Prototype Development

Planning Meetings

The process begins with an in-depth discovery process. In these initial planning meetings, ten24 works with you to discover what the needs for the business are and the best way, from a technological and strategic perspective, to implement these in a new web project.

Research and Analysis

In addition to several introductory and planning meetings, a questionnaire is sent to gather information regarding current and future site usage, competitor analyses, and features/benefits an organization wishes to include in their next web project. ten24 takes this information and produces an in-depth strategy document, outlining

Preliminary Site Map / Site Architecture

With the research and strategy figured out, ten24 then works internally to produce a site map -- think of  this like a schematic or a listing of the future site. In the sitemap, all of the necessary pages and navigation are laid out in a way that we can use for future content population and testing. With a sitemap, due diligence is done so that even before designing, you are informed about every thought process.

Functional Specification

Now it's time for the electrical work -- ten24 looks at each page and process to discover the necessary development time and functionality that will be required on each page. Whether it's paid content, barrier pages, or home page banners, ten24 creates a functional plan for the site in its entirety.

Wireframes / Prototype

Just like building a house, every good website needs a proper blueprint. Once the sitemap and functional specifications are decided, a wireframe is created to give the client their first introduction to the "look and feel" of their new website. This includes every functional aspect of the website, without the arguments of "blue vs. green" or "big button, small button".


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