Spectro Scientific is an ISO 9001:2008 company, specializing in analytical tools and software for machine condition monitoring. The company is one of the largest suppliers of oil, fuel and fluid analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. Industry clients include petrochemical, mining, marine and power generation companies as well as commercial testing laboratories.

With their company growing and their products targeting a specific testing market, Spectro needed a flexible platform to support their current product mix and give flexibility for a rapidly growing product line.

Spectro was working with our partner, Catalyst, on their new corporate identity, and therefore needed a website to match their new marketing focus.  They wanted to take the company to another level, a serious player in their field.

Spectro's existing website platform was difficult to manage and not easily customized, making it difficult for the marketing team to be agile and set-up campaigns effectively.



The ten24 team incorporated Slatwall Commerce and Mura CMS to manage Spectro's product line and allow for future enhancements and ecommerce capabilities.   The design of the new website was refreshed to match a new Spectro Scientific corporate name and identity.  The new site reflected an updated logo, new color scheme and corporate tagline.  

In addition to an updated design, the new website is built on top of a responsive framework to allow for friendlier mobile browsing and search.  In addition to the updated "look and feel" of the site, the ease of use of the new content management system and integration with Slatwall Commerce has allowed the Spectro team to build more in-depth product focused content and a searchable, categorized, product resource center. 

Flexible landing page templates were created in the CMS, allowing the Spectro marketing team to easily set-up new campaigns, including custom form fields.


New website was updated with a fully responsive look completely powered by our robust CMS and Slatwall Commerce.  It's flexible and interactive design allows the Spectro team to quickly promote company products and news across the website. With an eCommerce framework now in place for future development platform.  

With the rebranding came a change in the URL, we set up redirect tools to prevent the loss of traffic.  It also has full integration with external systems and marketing platforms.

The Spectro marketing team can create new landing pages easily, customiziing the content and form fields to match the specific campaign.  Leads are passed from the landing page forms directly into their Salesforce.com CRM so they can be followed-up by the sales team.

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