Nike, the $47.2 billion clothing company specializing in apparel, equipment and accessories for men, women, and children, is one of the most influential global brands. Nike reached out to Sauce Creative, a ten24 design partner, for help with the brand experience for their new event space and skate park, “Sixth and Mill.”

The space provides Nike’s pro athletes with a place to skate and is often utilized as a location for industry events. Through the use of displays, exhibits, and a demonstration of the technology utilized to create products, Nike also offers visitors an interactive brand experience during their visit.

Nike wanted to connect this unique live encounter with the “Sixth and Mill” space with popular social media channels for attendees to share their experience. With this goal in mind, Nike approached Sauce Creative and ten24, seeking to merge both online and offline experiences to provide a cohesive, overarching brand message.


ten24 came up with two iPad applications that could be utilized by Nike to combine the online and offline experiences of visitors. First, ten24 built a website for online event registration (found here: http://www.sixthandmill.com). Users are prompted to register by creating a unique account and then to connect that account with their social media profile.

Upon arriving at the venue, an iPad application is used to validate and login visitors who previously registered through the web or accept new user registrations. The iPad is connected to a magnetic strip card reader, which then connects all of the visitor’s profile information with the card. This card grants visitors into exclusive areas of the Sixth and Mill facility, that are protected from entry by other card readers.

The second application integrates the magnetic strip technology with the iPad’s camera feature. Ten24 developed a custom photo application complete with countdown and review functionality to help users share their offline experience with their online communities. When a visitor swipes their card into the connected card reader, the application loads the user’s information, including social media profiles, onto the iPad. The photo app then prepares the countdown and takes the picture. Once the photograph is taken, the user decides which social media profiles the picture will be posted to, and the photograph is sent. Additionally, all photos are also posted to Sixth and Mill’s Twitter account, @SixthAndMill with the pre-programmed hashtags #skateverydamnday, #nikeskateboarding, and #sixthandmill.

The Website Registration Process

iPad Account Activation

Photo App Countdown

iPad Photo App Review Screen


The application has proven to be a success, especially during the many industry events hosted at Sixth and Mill. The facility welcomes hundreds of guests during these events and many visitors use the applications to enhance their overall experience. Combining both online and offline elements, the iPad applications provide the online and offline cohesion Nike was seeking. In addition, the applications engage visitors with the Nike brand, increase Nike’s social media exposure in an organic and personal way, and provide Nike’s Sixth and Mill Twitter account with regular fresh content.

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