ESI Ergonomic Solutions, located in Mesa Arizona, is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic furniture.  ESI reached out to ten24 when their marketing department identified the need to improve the user experience of the website, implement a robust CMS that allows them to update content more easily and build an intranet for ESI’s sales reps to access secure content.


Engineering.  The project kicked-off with ten24’s Engineering process, an in-depth discovery phase that resulted in wireframes of the new user experience and a detailed functional specification.  

Responsive Design.  Based on the wireframes and ESI’s brand standards a new, custom UI was designed.  Throughout the design process, attention was paid to delivering a responsive experience and final templates were implemented using the Bootstrap framework. 

Slatwall Commerce.  In order to provide a flexible, scaleable product database the Slatwall Commerce platform was implemented. This allows ESI’s staff to easily update existing products or add new product and product attributes.  Slatwall also integrates seamlessly with the content management system, making it easy for ESI to assign products to the categories and pages available in the CMS.

Mura CMS.  Mura is a robust content management system that gives ESI the ability to update and add content throughout the website, including product resources, blog posts, events, and sales portal assets. 

Evolve Monitor Arm Selector.  ten24 also developed a custom product selector making it easier for customers to find the product that fits their specific requirements.  The selector pulls product data directly from the Slatwall database.


The new, responsive ESI website provides a more user-friendly experience. The Slatwall Commerce and Mura CMS platforms provide the marketing team with the tools they need to create dynamic and timely content. The website is now a focal point of ESI’s marketing efforts, supporting the remote sales reps through the assets in the Rep portal and generating customer engagement through the interactive monitor arm selector, media-rich product pages, and social media focused news section.

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