The DCU Center is an indoor arena and convention center complex located in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts. The facility hosts a variety of events, including concerts, sporting events, family shows, conventions, trade-shows and meetings. 

One of DCU’s challenges was that their website was not acting as an information resource for patrons attending an event and for clients who would be hosting or exhibiting at an event of the Arena & Convention Center.  They wanted a more stylized site with improved SEO, as well as Integration with dynamic media and ease of backend tools.  A sales and marketing tool that would help patrons attending or looking to attend an event to be able to find the calendar, event info, how to purchase tickets, how to get to the venue and things to do in the area all in one place. Providing an easy way to manage content and scheduled events was necessary to accomplish their goals.

DCU is now able to streamline the process of importing events from their event management software automatically into a new content management system to easily create, schedule and manage single day and multi day events. This new CMS allows more creative control to manage events, content pages, and form inquiries, and provide more relevant event information, better links to arena maps, directions, parking and VIP ticketing information.

The new DCU Center site features a new modern web design that is responsive and mobile-friendly, with better analytics and tracking of its users. It includes a flexible and enhanced web search for content and events, and the ability to submit requests for proposals and inquire about marketing support. The site also features an organized listing and gallery to display DCU Center facility diagrams, with a refreshed site structure and site map. 

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