About Accordence:

Accordence is a global training company that helps employees at all levels develop the aptitude and attitude to maximize the outcome of every interaction and situation they encounter. Accordence has worked with numerous Fortune 500 and other companies, along with government agencies and non-profit organizations, across a broad spectrum of industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, information technology, trucking, financial, manufacturing, and consumer jobs.


Accordence approached ten24 looking to revitalize their web efforts, coordinate their current processes, and streamline the way users obtained information from their site. Their previous system, containing hundreds of articles, resources, and other items, was also almost a decade old. As a result, the management process required to update and maintain their current website was cumbersome, took hours of training to learn, and still did not allow for the flexibility Accordence desired.


ten24 successfully migrated nine year’s worth of website content to the Mura Content Management System, which dramatically increased the capabilities and ease of use of their new website’s maintenance. Included in this process was a new website design and improved content categorization. The website redesign was critical in helping Accordence establish their desired brand identity, and also made searching and browsing resources quick and efficient. In addition to this, integration with ten24’s email marketing platform, send24, has helped Accordence capture and target new web leads.


With increased synergy among all of Accordence’s web efforts, the organization can spend more time focusing on creating quality content and nurturing leads. The organization’s new site makes finding resources about specific topic areas, nine year’s worth, simple and straightforward.


Homepage: Old vs. New

Recategorized Resources

Solutions: Old vs. New Implementation
For the new site, we broke the "Solutions" section of their site into three distinct areas.

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