Slatwall Commerce

All of the Selling, None of the Headache

Building and managing a website to handle online transactions is daunting!  The process requires resources with experience and expertise in development, marketing, design, IT, security, and data management.  For many organizations it is difficult, if not impossible, to gather these resources internally.  This is where Slatwall Pro and the ten24 team step in.

What is Slatwall Commerce?

Slatwall is a cloud based, eCommerce management solution from ten24 Digital Solutions. Slatwall allows you to sell and manage merchandise, digital downloads, subscription and event product types.  Slatwall provides enterprise level features:

  • Product Management
  • Promotions
  • Account Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Reporting

Why Slatwall


Not sure how to implement eCommerce in the most effective way? Are you unsure of importing your products, setting up promotions, managing inventory, writing integrations? Instead of wasting valuable time and energy getting your eCommerce up and running, ten24 will install and integrate Slatwall with your current setup.


Slatwall is not just a shopping cart, it’s an all-encompassing commerce management tool:  perfect for a company that needs more than a simple payment processor.  However, with increased functionality comes additional complexity.  We can help you through the process of building templates, writing reports, pulling and pushing data, and making your eCommerce engine hum!

Cloud Solution

Slatwall is deployed in ten24’s private cloud and managed every second of every day by our team.  This service provides you with the support you need to manage the business and the flexibility you need to grow your business:

  • Separate Development and Production environments with version control
  • PCI Compliance
  • 24/7 monitoring and daily data back-ups
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Unlimited phone and email support for site administrators
  • Free version upgrades and bug fixes


With Slatwall, ten24 creates and publishes a custom manual for your team, detailing the specific setup and management of your Slatwall installation.  We also provide customized training so your administrators know how to use the system to it’s fullest effect.

Ongoing Support and Consulting

Each client is a trusted partner, with digital commerce at the front and center. As part of Slatwall, ten24 will assist with any issues that arise through regular business operations, including administrator questions, walking through Slatwall capabilities, and the like. In addition to support, ten24 will also give insight into marketing and web best practices, providing leadership with expert opinions to make the best decisions.

Learn more on the Slatwall eCommerce website.

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