Rule the Email World

You've got all these people interested in hearing what you have to say, so why make it harder on yourself to communicate with them? When send24 is integrated with the other total24 solutions, it offers a pain-free solution to increasing, communicating with, and tracking your email membership.

Create Emails that Work Anywhere

In conjunction with the careful guidance of ten24 email experts, a custom-designed template will be designed to meet all your needs. These templates are completely editable and customizable, offering the most flexibility while maintaining certainty that your email will display the same way, no matter how it's opened.

Send Anytime

With the ability to set up custom lists and segments, sending the right message to the right audience at the right time has never been more...well, right! After a few clicks, emails can be scheduled and sent to your entire email list, or just parts of it.

Track Everything

It's all about the numbers, and at ten24, we know how important it is to know the metrics. Each email is automatically tagged and tracked, allowing administrators to see which users opened, clicked, bounced, or unsubscribed. Reporting can be broken down by link, showing which content was the most popular.

...And More!

We're only scratching the surface of send24's capabilities. Here's some of send24's advanced features:

Dynamic segmentation

  • Have you ever thought, "I want to target customers who purchased a product on our website in the last 6 months" or "Can't I resend my last email to anyone who didn't open or click the last one?" With dynamic segmentation, these automatically-populated lists are just a few clicks away!

Triggered emails

  • Want to offer a coupon to anyone who subscribes to your email list? With triggered emails, you can automatically send an email whenever someone acts on your website—whether that's a transaction, subscription, or anything else—send24 can be configured to work for you!

Email series

  • send24 is perfect for putting new contacts through a set of emails, with emails going out after a certain number of days. If you've thought about offering subscriptions and want to remind your audience of the opportunity, an email series is the perfect fit.

Flexible API for website integration

  • send24 will plug into your website, automatically pulling in pertinent information and automatically subscribing new contacts to whatever list you want. Never again will you have to download and re-upload lists from your website to your email client, worried about missing or mixing up an email along the way.

Link checker and live link editing

  • send24 will tell you WHAT in your email is going WHERE before you send it. However, if you do manage to send an email with the wrong link, send24 offers link correction, allowing you to change the destination of any link in the email.

Unlimited custom subscriber fields

  • Tired of not having enough space to differentiate your contacts by? Have you been caught putting information in fields that shouldn't be there just to get an email out to certain contacts? send24 offers unlimited fields—if you want to filter by "Last Purchased" or "Industry" or even "Nose Shape," send24 can be configured to work with your needs!

Need Help?

Do you have a stellar product or service, but no idea how to get the word out? ten24 specializes in email marketing strategy and has managed the creative, distribution, and tracking of email programs for over 10 years and can help you plan and deliver effective campaigns.

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