Take Control of Your Website

These days, you don't have to have a Ph.D in coding to be able to maintain a world-class website. Mura, an open-source content management system, allows administrators the capability to add and edit pages, features, images, and much more, all from the comfort of a user-friendly back-end interface.

Easy to Use

"Is it a post?" "Is it a page?" "What's a 'footer' anyway?"

Whether you've worked with clunkier content management systems in the past, or haven't worked with one ever, Mura will be a welcomed breath of fresh air. Based on the navigation structure of the site itself, Mura's revolutionary "Site Manager" makes you wonder why you ever put up with anything else. In addition, the editors are truly "What You See is What You Get," making editing content a breeze.

Infinitely Customizable

If you've got an idea, the experts at ten24 can help make your a dream a reality. With the power of Mura, we've completed everything from simple informative sites to designed-from-scratch eCommerce solutions. Because Mura's flexibility, ten24 can give administrators as much or as little control as they desire.

Actively Developed

The Mura Community is extremely active and involved, with two major user conferences each year, one in the US and one in Europe.  There is at least one major release each year and 2-3 minor releases.

Search Engine Optimized

Mura is designed to be search engine friendly out of the box, without the need to add multiple plugins.  Content managers can edit page titles, browser titles, URL titles, tags and descriptions easily.  We also provide a tool to easily create 301 redirects from with the system

No Buyer's Remorse

Because Mura is open-source, anyone in the world can download and utilize this powerful content management system.  Not being tied to any proprietary software means you aren't hindering or limiting yourself in the future—the framework, data, and functionality built by ten24 can be brought to anyone without having to re-develop all of the inner-workings of the site.

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