Visual Arts Education Publisher, Davis Publications, Inc., Launches New Digital Presence with ten24 Digital Solutions

Davis Publications, a family-owned independent publisher located in Worcester, Massachusetts, has been dedicated to creating exemplary curriculum and resources for art educators for well over a century. Davis is the only K–12 publisher dedicated to the visual arts, bringing classroom tested and proven resources to art educators and schools across the United States and around the world. Davis boasts an outstanding collection of unparalleled content, leading authors, a digital Fine Art Image library of more than 35,000 images, the only digital platform made by and for art educators, and SchoolArts magazine - the leading monthly magazine for art educators.

As Davis continues to grow and expand its resource libraries, the company’s stakeholders recognized the importance of not only redesigning its entire digital presence with a new look but building on top of a new, modern eCommerce platform. 

“At Davis, we are immersed in two distinct worlds – education and creativity,” says Toni Henneman, Marketing Director of Davis Publications. “Over the last several years our goal has been to provide our customers with easier access to content and connect with them on a deeper level.  To do this we needed our tools to be highly functional and more integrated than ever before, starting with our website”.

When Davis came to ten24 with the project, their digital assets were spread across four separate sites and were extremely outdated and difficult to navigate. Establishing a new and improved digital footprint would require not only consolidation of each site into one main hub but also a new strategy focused on the user journey of the Davis audience as well as a revamped selection of tools to alleviate operational pain-points for the company’s internal team. ten24 thoughtfully planned out an approach that would be launched in four phases: a marketing site, digital product (books, lesson planning library, tools for students to build their own portfolio and share publicly, and more), digital asset management, and finally, a new online shopping experience powered by ten24's eCommerce platform, Slatwall Commerce

Phase one is now complete, with the new marketing website featuring a new and improved overall design with mobile capabilities, more sophisticated marketing tools for selling subscriptions to SchoolArts magazine, new user-friendly and organized product pages, as well as additional content features and functionality to highlight the company’s significant array of resources and engage and educate the user in meaningful ways. ten24 also executed a new, easy-to-use CMS where each internal staff member can manage content seamlessly in one place. 

To say that Henneman is pleased with the results is an understatement. “Our site rebuild was extensive and complicated but a huge success. In addition to making us look like the creative hub we are, we are now able to easily provide fresh content on a daily basis which our audience will love! And, on the purely business side, we can now integrate our marketing tools with the site to more directly and meaningfully interact with the educators we serve!”.

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