ten24 is pleased to announce the release of v3.3 of Slatwall eCommerce.  This powerful, open-source application continues to grow with the launch of new projects like Westernwear.com and over 230 members in our Google Group.

There are a lot of exciting new features on the roadmap, including a whole new Event Product Type coming in v4.0!

Below are some highlights from Slatwall v3.3: 

Auditing Feature 

  • All objects in Slatwall are now part of a version control system.  Each change to an object is saved, allowing for a complete audit of revisions made to things like Products, Orders, Inventory, Accounts, etc.
  • A listing of all changes is available at the object level, and there is also a global view of all changes.
  • The Audit detail will display the change date, who made the change and what was changed.
  • There is also Rollback feature that allows the administrator to rool back to a previous version.

Order Payments

  • Term Payments can now be attached to an order and the payment and a term length can be chosen (Net 30, Net 60, ect).

Account Payments

  • The ability to add account payments and assign the amount received to offset order payments that were done as a term payment.
  • After account payment is processed, the related order payment shows amount received and the account balance and account credit gets adjusted as expected.


  • Administrators can export reports as a .csv file
  • The table data in reports now limit the results to 20 rows, and have a "Load More Data" link

Custom Attributes

  • Attributes are a powerful Slatwall feature and we have added the ability to create either a "Related Object Select" attribute type or a "Related Object Multiselect" attribute type. This allows extended attributes to relate one object to another object in the DB.


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