ten24 is pleased to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce v4.0.  This is no ordinary release, here are some highlights:

Slatwall Collections
Collections is a game changing way to organize, view and act on eCommerce data. With Collections, you can create a dynamic query based on any object within the database; Accounts, Orders, Products, SKUs, Promotions, Price Groups, Inventory…anything!

Workflow will allow Slatwall admin to create triggered actions (email, print, status change, etc) based on specific data changes in Slatwall.  For example, if you create a Slatwall Collection that is a list of users in Massachusetts that have purchased a specific SKU in the last 24 hours, you can set-up a Workflow that triggers an email each time a new user is added to this Collection.
Product Bundles
Have you ever purchased a computer at dell.com? If so, you will understand the concept behind Product Bundles in Slatwall.  Product Bundles allow administrators to create a collection of products (SKUs) into one product with a price.  Administrators have the option to allow the SKUs in the Bundle to determine the price or manually set the price at the Bundle level. Product Bundles would be available for users on the front-end of the site and also for admins through the order entry interface.
Events Product Type
In addition to the existing Merchandise, Content Access and Subscription Product Types, Slatwall v4.0 will support a new product type for Events. Events could be a concert, a webinar, weekly classes, a multi-day conference, or any event in which you need to sell seats. The Event Product Type provides key functionality in creating, selling and managing events.
New admin UI based on bootstrap 3
In the new Slatwall UI we have Removed left hand navigation from within objects which allows admin users to view all data full screen. It is also more mobile friendly and moves us a step closer to providing a POS option using the Slatwall admin.



Version 4.2 gets some long overdue core functionality such as gift cards, along with a host of technical improvements setting us up for some major new features and UX.  On the technical side we've migrated to TypeScript in preparation for future releases of AngularJS.  This has also allowed us to make the client-side codebase much more manageable, structures, and modular.

With the new Gift Card functionality you can now sell gift cards that Slatwall will automatically track and manage the balance for.  These gift cards can be used on subsequent purchases online with special consideration to the return of items paid for with a gift card.  We are really excited to get this feature out into the while and allow existing Slatwall websites to quickly and easily start selling Gift Cards.

Key Features
Internal Gift Card Engine
Building with Typescript 1.7
Added Currency To Promotions & Price Groups
Stock Adjustment Enhancements
Ability to setup Many-to-Many Collections
Property Level Security on REST API Read/Write & Collections
Custom Regex Validation / Error Messages on Custom Attributes
Ability to use JWT Access Tokens for REST API integration.
Option Group Enhancement to be Product Type Specific
Ability to Define Separate Renewal Skus for Subscription Products.
Numerous Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements
Version 4.3 & 4.4 will see a lot of work around Pick / Pack / Ship when fulfilling orders including the ability to integrate shipping label printing more easily.  We also have some enhanced pricing features right around the corned, including quantity based pricing.

A New Way to Run Slatwall
If you would like to checkout the latest functionality of Slatwall without installing a full version, hop over to docker hub and run our Slatwall-quickstart docker container to see what the new functionality is all about!  If you've never used docker, no better time to give it a shot.  Just download and install kitematic to search for and run the container.


If you would like more information or would like to see a demo contact us or visit the Slatwall Commerce webiste for more details.

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