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A large portion of the business we receive at ten24 is through long-term relationships that have been built with partners including branding firms, marketing agencies, search firms and designers (put links to partners here). Building these relationships takes time, but ultimately they are a win-win situation for both partners and clients. Here are three advantages of business partnerships you should consider.

Significantly reduces the sales cycle
There are various sources that state it takes 8-11 touches with a prospect to make a sale. While this is a general rule of thumb, it may not be the case with all businesses. With partnerships, there is still time and effort involved in closing business with a new prospect, but the number of touches is significantly lower than if companies were to work a lead from beginning to end.  

Clients have access to a larger support network
Clients that we’ve obtained through partnerships not only have the support of the partner firm, but also everyone at our company. Depending on their needs, clients constantly want to make improvements to their websites. They not only have the support of our partners, but a whole team of online marketing professionals at ten24 that can assist them with their goals.

Referrals and repeat business
Business partners can provide a continuous stream of referrals and repeat business. However, it doesn’t stop there. You have to constantly work to build and strengthen these relationships while forming new ones with other companies that may have solutions your clients are interested in or need.

Long-term business partnerships consist of trust and a common desire to solve client challenges and make them successful. Finding the right mix of these characteristics creates a winning situation for all involved, especially clients. Isn’t that what’s most important?

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