Our goal is to build ecommerce solutions that solve complex business requirements and provide our clients with a competitive advantage. To achieve this goal we focus on our core values and principles.


ten24 works together as one, as employees and in tandem with our clients and partners. We promote collaborative and creative efforts, while supporting each other. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone as long as they feel someone is listening. Each one of us plays an important role for the success of our company.


We know that new challenges arise everyday, whether that be a personal one or work-related. We are willing to adapt and take on challenges with clients and with each other.


We are committed to prioritizing growth professionally and personally. Through our company culture, we take the initiative in supporting our team to reach their full potential. There's always the opportunity to continuously learn and improve using the resources and support from our office.


We emphasize transparency and open communication between all members of our team. Not only do we promote this internally, but we practice transparency with our clients as well to ensure all departments are aware and a part of each project.

Have Fun

It's essential to work hard, but we believe it's also essential to have a work-life balance. We encourage fun in the office with our ping pong table and whiteboard walls for doodling. We also encourage informal get-togethers for lunch and after hours at new restaurants, along with arranging various company outings. We make sure to enjoy what we do, while we do it.

These core values have become the identity of the ten24 team. We stand by our values to empower success for our clients and within our company.

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