Every few months, ten24 organizes an outing for a memorable team bonding experience. Yesterday, we went to Live Action Escapes in downtown Worcester! We are pretty competitive, so we split into three teams and each was led by one of our partners - Sumit, Brad, and Dave (pictured below with our team’s new Slatwall hats)!

Each team was trapped in one of the following puzzle rooms: The Protocol 2: Potsy’s Place, Captive, or Robin Hood’s Escape - and we only had 60 minutes to escape! The team who escaped their room and had the lowest time were crowned the winners.

Drum roll please...the winner with the fastest time to escape their room was Dave’s team!

After escaping our rooms, we headed next door to Michael’s Cigar Bar for dinner catered by Zorba’s Taverna. The rest of the evening our team enjoyed drinks, delicious Greek dishes and many laughs together.

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