ten24 Web Solutions has signed as a Silver sponsor of cf.Objective taking place at the Radisson Blu - Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, May 15-18, 2013.  The three-day event will feature over 50 presentations including:

Greg Moser and Simon Free, both Application Developers at ten24, will be two of the presenters at cf.Objective.

Greg will be speaking about Slatwall, ten24's open-source transaction management system during his presentation:

Slatwall, Beyond eCommerce

Topics Covered:

  • Non eCommerce Use Cases for Slatwall
  • ORM in use, the real world benefits of Rapid Application Development with ORM
  • Overview of how to integrate with CRM, Accounting, ERP & Other Platforms
  • Building business tools inside of Slatwall
  • Commerce Related integrations for Shipping, Taxes, Inventory & Payment Processing
  • Demonstration of how ValidateThis, cfStatic, coldspring, MXUnit, ORM & fw/1 have made Slatwall successful, and how multiple tools can be used in concert to accelerate development

Simon's presentation, "ColdFusion and eBooks," discusses the value of creating eBooks for your clients, and a few easy tools to utilize as you look to create and distribute your eBook.

ColdFusion and eBooks

Topics Covered:

  • The file structure of the different eBook Formats
  • The different eBook formats and how they differ
  • Available css styles
  • How to create eBooks with ColdFusion
  • How to test eBooks

Details and registration are available here. Hope we see you there!

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