Ryan Marchand, lead developer on Slatwall Commerce, will present on Angular JS and the use of Typescript.  Sign-up can be found at at Meetup.com.

At the recent ng-conf 2015, the Angular team announced and encouraged the use of Typescript. This will be an introduction to Typescript, and the how's and why's for using it in Angular.?

Typescript has worked with the Angular team to design a set of new features that will help you develop cleaner code when working with dynamic libraries like Angular 2, including a new way to annotate class declarations with metadata.  Library and application developers can use these metadata annotations to cleanly separate code from information about the code, such as configuration information or conditional compilation checks.  

They have also added a way to retrieve type information at runtime.  When enabled, this will enable developers to do a simple type introspection.  To verify code correctness with additional runtime checks.  It also enables libraries like Angular to use type information to set up dependency injection based on the types themselves.


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