We’ve officially had our team in India for over a year now! Time has flown by since we expanded our company and opened an office abroad.

Wondering what the ten24 India office is like? Our development team gives you an inside look:

Q. Why did ten24 decide to expand its office abroad?

As ten24’s clientele grows, we are working with more and more companies that have a global presence. To maintain successful eCommerce solutions, ten24 wanted to make sure our clients were receiving the best support we could offer by providing 24/7 support. And we knew we needed a supplemental development team that was dedicated to ten24, followed our business model, and could embody our company culture.

Q. When did we officially form our team in India?

Mid January 2019.

Q. Who did we hire at the India team?

It is an expansion of our development team, specifically the DevOps and QA roles. Shevam Sinha, our Team Lead in India, mentioned, “Due to our rigorous screening and interviewing process and a fantastic onboarding process in place, we have been able to create a team of skilled resources who are above par.”

Q. How does ten24’s India team compliment our US team?

Many companies have resources in India and we have clients that outsource or have teams located in similar time zones. ten24’s India team is able to communicate and collaborate with client vendors overseas without our US team having to intervene. Also, the ten24 team in India provides 24/7 support to our global clients. For instance, they can resolve any urgent bugs at 3am EST because that is mid-day their time.

Q. With offices in opposite time zones, how does our US team and India team communicate and make sure all operations are running smoothly between the two offices?

In terms of standard working hours, our local EST overlaps each morning with the local time in India. During those hours, we have a handoff meeting via video chat so developers from both offices can discuss any and all tasks for that day. We also use Google Chat and Teamwork to assign and hash out any tasks that need to be created and/or completed.

Q. What does ten24 see in the future now that we’ve established a team in India?

ten24’s business plan is aggressive for the next two years. And to meet those goals, we need our team in India. The next phase of our business is supporting the SaaS model, which focuses on product development. We see our India team fully dedicated to the product development aspect.

Q. How has opening an office globally changed ten24 for the better?

We’ve worked with other agencies, but that was never a great fit because there was no sense of ownership and it was difficult getting a solid team formed that embodied ten24’s company culture. Now, we have dedicated employees working for ten24 and we strive to create the same company culture there as well, like continued education and planning quarterly team outings. As Shevam stated, “We follow the American work culture where the policies are very employee-centric. Regular team outings, Friday activities, and an office space that is beyond the traditional models helps in creating a relaxed and productive work environment for the team. There are multiple learning and training programs in place for self-development and improvement.” We value the people we hire and we want all of them to be a part of our growth. Also, this expansion has diversified our company in the sense that we are not limited to talent in the Worcester area. Overall, expanding globally has proven great growth for us and makes working at ten24 a lot more fun as it adds more diversity and character to our company.

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