Two of ten24’s developers, Irta John and Miguel Targa, shared their stories this week about pursuing a career path in STEM during Designing My Future 2019, hosted at the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester. Designing My Future is an annual career expo for young individuals exploring STEM. Industry professionals talk about their own personal paths, from childhood interests to present careers, as well as different ways to break into the STEM fields.

Irta and Miguel interacted directly with students and demonstrated how code works, using a repurposed Furby linked to Google’s Blockly program. Furby is programmed to say different phrases like “heeeeey” and “we’re gonna need a bigger Furb!” using a system of customized blocks Miguel calls “Furbly.” One girl was very intrigued by the way Furbly was able to come alive using code. Irta and Miguel were delighted to see that they were able to at least inspire one life - and impacting one individual is all it takes to make a difference.

It’s humbling to see the Worcester community come together and help pave the way for future STEM professionals, and ten24 is happy to be a part of that.

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