ten24 Digital Solutions, along with the entire open-source community, is excited to officially announce the release of Slatwall v3.0. To the untrained eye, many things will appear the same, but digging deeper will uncover that Slatwall has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. This allows for content management system independence and increased freedom to utilize Slatwall, regardless of setup. Also included in this release are dozens of new features, many of which were desired by the open-source community.

Here's what to look for in the latest Slatwall release:

  • Content Management System Independence
  • Responsive front-end templates
  • Administrator Order Entry
  • Event triggered emailing and printing with customizable templates
  • Physical count support without the need for an inventory freeze
  • Customizable Validation
  • 100’s of bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Full Multi-Site support
  • All new Slatwall documentation

For a full list of features and future development, check out the post on the Get Slatwall site.


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