ten24 is excited to announce the latest release of Slatwall, version 3.1.

This version is especially exciting for both marketers and developers, as it includes both a reporting framework and integration with Stripe, one of the fastest growing payment gateways in the industry.

Slatwall Reporting

Slatwall administrators can no create ad-hoc reports and graphs including statistics for orders, revenue, products, and promotion usage. Information drill-downs can help users by filtering and sorting by a number of qualifications, including product name and type, brand, and order location. The end result is both a table and a chart displaying the information. Future releases will include an export feature and increased functionality based on feedback from the Slatwall user group.

Stripe Integration

Stripe, from a consumer-standpoint, looks the same as every other payment gateway -- the forms used look ordinary, and the credit card submission is the same as found anywhere else.

For developers and e-Commerce administrators, however, Stripe is a welcomed change to an industry bogged down by clunky, inefficient, and hard to implement payment processing platforms. Developers and administrators can quickly set up and get started with a Stripe account.

Why Stripe?

The key with Stripe is its simplicity in all aspects: simple signup, simple setup, simple fee structure, and a simple revenue collection process. This ease of use is what sets Stripe apart -- and now, with the click of a button, Stripe can now be integrated with your Slatwall store.  Simply add the required information in the “Integrations” section of Slatwall to get started. For more information about Stripe, visit their website.

- See more at: http://www.getslatwall.com/blogs-news/new-in-slatwall-3-1-stripe-payment-integration/#sthash.wNWjFK7r.dpuf

Stripe prides itself on its simplicity -- in fact, Stripe doesn't even require the creation of an account to begin processing payments! With simple and straightforward setup, developers around the world are championing this service as the future of online payments. The Slatwall community, specifically Todd Hatcher, thought Slatwall needed Stripe integration, and built it to be included in this release.

Reporting and Stripe are just the beginning -- here's what else 3.1 brings:

New in Slatwall v3.1:

  • Oracle Support
  • Improved Admin Return Order Creation and Processing
  • Improved Payment Processing Support
  • Better 2.x Legacy Frontend Support
  • Added Slatwall Log Viewer Support for Railo
  • Dozens of Other Bugfixes
  • Reporting Framework With Built-In and Custom Reporting

Features by our Open-Source Community:

  • Stripe Payment Processor Integration, contributed by Todd Hatcher
  • UPS Setting Enhancements, contributed by Todd Hatcher
  • Better Public / Private Comment Support, contributed by David Zikakis

The team urges all users to back up their site files and databases prior to updating to version 3.1.

For more information and support related to upgrading to version 3.1, please visit our Help and Support page at http://www.getslatwall.com/support/

Happy Selling!


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