Today we have released the latest stable version of Slatwall (2.3).  With this release comes some long awaited functionality as well as important bugfixes and a slew of minor optimization and performance enhancements.  Below is a partial list of new features, you can find a full list of features on our Github repository here.

New Features in 2.3
Admin Order Entry - This has been a much awaited new feature in Slatwall so that you can now create brand new orders directly in the admin.  In addition to this new feature, you can also now write comments on existing order items, and add promotion new codes to existing orders.  The admin order entry works wonderful, but it is by no means 'finished' and we will be continuing to make UI improvements to it over the course of the next releases.

Improved SmartList Functionality - Now with Smart List's (especially the frontend product list) you can now easily filter and search on any custom attribute defined for that object.  You can also provide multiple like filters for the same property, as well as a number of other small performance improvements and enhancements.

Log Viewer - Now in the admin you can actually view your Slatwall log file, instead of having to access it via the CFIDE.  Also, this new log viewer parses the Slatwall log file to only show the log from the current application.  This new feature is extreamly useful for Installs that are setup in a shared hosting enviornment.  You can find your log under the Tools / Help menu of 2.3, and you can also adjust the type of logging you would like from the General Global Settings menu.

We'd like to give big thanks to all of the community members that helped us via the google group and bug reporting.  We'd like to give a special thanks to both David Zikakis & Chris Venable who contributed code to this release.


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