Tim Hurley, Managing Partner of ThinkMedia Partners was one of the presenters at ten24’s B2B Content Marketing Summit yesterday. He polled the audience of B2B marketing professionals regarding four challenges. The results are interesting to share and learn from.

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  1. Awareness – How many of you report to a CEO, management team, board or investor group that is telling you that your company awareness needs to be increased?  (How often are you hearing – we have a great product or service or story to tell – how come nobody  knows us?) 26%
  2. Lead Gen – How many marketers here work closely with your sales teams or channel partners who say they need better lead generation programs – more leads, more qualified leads? (How often are you hearing – help me fill my pipeline so we can make our numbers?) 46%
  3. Financial/Efficiency – How many of you are being told by your CFO or finance team  to continue the marketing programs, but implement them more cost effectively or with less budget? (How often are you told – do more with less?) 37%
  4. Social Media Marketing Overload – How many of you feel overwhelmed by all the new tools, technologies and services available to marketers? (Are you feeling more or less effective? Are they making your job easier or harder?) New tools make it Easier 9%, New tools make it Harder 26%

I'm sure the above results are a great start to conversations about the how B2B marketers can overcome these challenges. What are your thoughts/advice?

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