"When you want to buy a car, go and find the best mechanic in town, and ask him which car he thinks is the best quality in your price range, and then go and buy that car."

This is an exact quote from a prospective client I met with last week.  During the meeting he was asking a lot of great questions.  It's really hard to find partners to help you guide and build your business, so asking questions (lots of them) is a good thing!  This was a web project so of course we talked about technology during this meeting, and I explained our philosophy, why we chose our particular platform, and how/why we chose to deliver our services as a cloud solution.  That's when he pulled out the quote above, a piece of advice from his Dad, obviously a very smart guy!  

A good mechanic, someone who works on cars every day, and has seen many different types of cars during his years of experience, will be able to provide expert advice.  You end up with a reliable car and the security of knowing you have great support if you ever need it.

I must relay this same advice 2-3 times a day, in different ways, to clients, colleagues, my 11 year old son, anyone who will listen.  "Focus on your business needs, not technology!"  Bring these defined needs to the best development team (mechanic) you can find, and let them drive the technical solution.  Let them be responsible for keeping it humming and tuning it up when you need more power.  You are a great "Marketer/VP/CEO/", let your technical team be a great mechanic. 

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