Each Friday, the ten24 team gathers for lunch and one person is asked to prepare a short presentation, we call it “Lunch and Learn”. The topic can be anything and has ranged from a personal experience, a topic of interest, a cause they are passionate about or a project they have taken up in their free time. Presenting is an opportunity for employees to get to know one another on a personal level and engage with people they might not work with on a weekly basis.

Last week, Miguel, one of ten24’s Application Developers, showed us his love for learning and testing new technology. He was able to repurpose an old Furby’s auto functions by linking it’s bluetooth connection with Google’s Blockly program. Blockly is a visual programming editor that simplifies JavaScript into a kid-friendly programming tool that is designed to execute simple commands by using coding concepts that are represented by interlocking blocks.

Miguel can make his Furby say different phrases like “heeeeey” and “we’re gonna need a bigger Furb!” using a system of customized blocks he calls “Furbly”. Miguel hopes for Furbly to function as a beginners stepping stone for kid coders to work with the Blockly system in a more personalized and interactive way. Miguel’s creative endeavours are just one of the many reason we look forward to our weekly Lunch and Learn. We are excited to see what we learn next!

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