Consider this scenario:

You, the marketing and sales-driving maven that you are, can increase traffic to your website with the snap of a finger. In terms of internet marketing, you’re pulling out all the stops – your social media profiles have hundreds (or thousands) of likes and your audience is so loyal that it tattoos your brand logo to their bodies, your search engine optimization skills are so targeted that you not only have the top search result for your keyword, but the entire first page, and your email marketing is so successful that you have more clickthroughs than recipients you sent to!

Traffic is coming in droves, but for some reason or another, people are not converting. Are people not interested in your product or service? Are they not finding the information they expect to find? Can they not find the product detail page, request a quote page, or other conversion?

It’s time to consider implementing laser-focused landing pages for your campaigns.

44% of clicks for B2B organizations are sent straight to the homepage (don’t believe me? Read Marketing Sherpa’s report here). Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure your home page is wonderful and clients regularly comment on how impressed they were, but the nature of home pages is to communicate successfully to a broad range of visitors. Your home page might be built for potential clients, shareholders, stakeholders, vendors, partners, and employees, and as a result, whatever messaging you have is going to be watered down amidst the clutter.

When someone clicks a link, they come from somewhere. Whether it’s a Facebook post to a blog entry, an organic or PPC link, or an email marketing campaign, you have specific information about each click, so why not customize an experience to a potential customer’s needs?

  1. Create a focused landing page with only one possible action to take
    Too many marketers create landing pages with too many things to do – there’s often a form submission (or two!), links to related products or services, links to case studies,  a phone number, an email address, and any number of other things anyone can come up with. If your goal is increasing leads, then make your landing page’s goal increasing THAT lead on THAT page. Keep visitors on that page, keep content short, and write about solving problems and answering questions.
  2. Use What Works
    When you’re selling, do potential clients love to watch videos highlighting your product in action? Do their eyes widen when they see a list of problems you solve? Do their checkbooks fly out when they see testimonials? Use what works as a place to start, and test everything. A/B testing often brings an improvement of conversions in the double digits.
  3. It’s Not Always in the Pizzaz
    Customers care about SOLUTIONS, and sometimes intricate, overly-complicated designs get in the way. In doubt? A/B test both options, see which one outperforms the other. The results may surprise you.
  4. Landing Pages Aren’t Just for Banner Ads
    Landing pages are like duct tape – they do one thing, do it extremely well, and can be used in a variety of situations. What many marketers don’t realize is that landing pages can be used not only in lead generation, but lead nurturing. Email marketing, for instance, is one lead nurturing situation where marketers can, and should, implement landing pages. At ten24, we’ve successfully used landing pages in efforts related to white paper downloads, blog entries, retail product promotions, and everything in between.
  5. Once more, Include ONE Conversion Opportunity
    First, what is your conversion? Is it a form to fill out? Is it the purchase or trial use of an item? Is it a white paper download? Give your traffic an opportunity to gain something, and keep it to one thing.

“Ryan, I would love to do this, but [my marketing team is too strained as it is]/[my IT crew refuses to discuss marketing, and I can’t do it without their help].”

You may have had a valid excuse a few years ago, but the wonderful thing about technology is that innovation is everywhere – now there are tools to use even if you don’t have programming knowledge! One of my favorite organizations, Unbounce, has a great landing page creation tool. There are other tools out there as well.

Welcome to 2013 – if you’re not converting the way you the way you think you should, make a resolution to yourself, your potential clients, and your organization to get your internet marketing in shape, on the treadmill, and performing to its full potential.



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