It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 situation is having a massive impact on both physical commerce and eCommerce channels across the globe. While many of us are taking a B2C-centric view of the issue (“My favorite store is closed!”), the pandemic is set to disrupt the B2B landscape even further – given that the global B2B eCommerce market was valued at $12.2 trillion in 2019, over six times the size of the B2C market.

To help B2B organizations tackle the challenges of digital transformation during these challenging times, we created a unique offering that will allow them to quickly launch a streamlined online sales portal and product catalog to begin driving sales and winning new business at a reduced initial investment. While, at the same time, using an eCommerce platform that will serve the business well into the future. We call this offering the Slatwall B2B Kickstarter.

Unlike the traditional eCommerce launch that requires an extensive engineering, design and development process, the Kickstarter offering gives businesses the opportunity to launch a ready-made storefront and customer portal in as little as two months.

Ready to learn more about Slatwall’s B2B eCommerce Kickstarter? Click here to view a full list of the commerce features and management tools offered through Kickstarter and contact us to get started today!

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