ten24 has grown from just 3 partners working together around a kitchen table to a vibrant team of 30 in our downtown office space. From the very beginning, ten24 has built an intentional culture that emphasizes transparency and open communication between all members - all the way from our interns up to senior leadership. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone as long as they feel someone is listening. We are also committed to prioritizing personal and professional growth in a number of ways because our people are at the heart of our business. When they feel valued, safe, and happy is when their best work is accomplished.

Here are just a few ways ten24 puts culture first in order to strengthen the well-being and success of our team:

Clear Mission and Core Values

ten24 is united by our core values, which is reflected in our projects and our team. It’s important that our employees know and understand our mission and the values of the company. When they are passionate about their work, it creates an alignment across the company to work together towards a common goal.

Continued Education and Development

Quarterly, our team participates in “Personal Growth Days.” During this day, each team member has the opportunity to attend two courses highlighting soft skills presented by industry experts. Additionally, our team has access to the LinkedIn Learning platform to learn from thousands of current, high-quality courses from business to technology development skills. These courses are available anytime, anywhere for our team because we genuinely want them to continuously improve professionally and interpersonally.

Team Outings

One of our values is to have fun. We enjoy activities outside of the office with our entire team. To name a few, we’ve spent time together playing mini-golf, practicing yoga, doing obstacle races, indoor rock climbing, and exploring local restaurants and breweries. Through these unforgettable experiences, our team has built a closer bond with one another.

Supporting the Local Community

We consider it an essential part of our business to support the local community where we are located. ten24’s founders made the decision 5 years ago to move to downtown Worcester, MA and encourage everyone to frequent local businesses and events and suggest and participate in community initiatives, causes and volunteer opportunities.

Open Communication and Feedback Channels

Every employee at ten24 is a hands-on contributor. Our atmosphere is team-based and informal with employee participation on all levels (and we have a great open office plan!) which creates endless opportunities for members of different teams to make conversation, ask questions and collaborate.

Lunch & Learn

Every Friday, we learn about one of our team member’s interests during our company-wide free lunch. Past topics that have been shared include everything from travel photos, to personal stories, to something they’re passionate about. It’s a great way to get to know each other a little better and learn something new.

ten24’s company culture has shaped our team into one that motivates us to be the best version of ourselves. This extraordinary team is always laughing together, open and honest, and engaged in strong collaboration. We’re proud of what we’ve built together and continue to prioritize having a creative, productive, and enjoyable work-life environment.

If you’re interested in developing your career while being part of a team that puts its employees first, then we would like to hear from you! Everything we do is based around providing the right tools, environments and projects to allow our team to thrive while delivering exceptional and cutting-edge ecommerce projects. For a full list of ten24’s opportunities, click here.

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