Another successful Personal Growth Day in the books! ten24 is so committed to fostering an environment and culture that positively drives the team that we hold quarterly days dedicated to learning and growth. Part of this growth includes several hours where each of our team members attends two courses of their choice to further develop their soft skills. Our list of courses this time around were:

  • How to Multiply Your Time

  • Cultivating Collaboration

  • Leadership Therapy

  • Own Your Behaviors, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success

Each course is a small group with a moderator (always one of our team members) who guides the discussion and/or prepares an activity aimed at encouraging open communication and team bonding. One of the activities was untangling our human knot as part of the Cultivating Collaboration course!

We had a great time learning more about each of these topics with one another, while snacking on small desserts and refreshments.

After Personal Growth Day, we gathered for a company potluck with our friends and family at our office. Everyone enjoyed the homemade food, ping pong and cornhole games, and our Mario Kart tournament!


All images were photographed by Rose Wine.

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