Web Video is Over!

Well not quite. There are three stages to any technology. The “look ma' no hands” stage, when the technology seems like magic. The “plumbing” stage, when tools and standards emerge and the “content” stage, when finally the technology is applied to serious work.
We are firmly in the content stage. Every new product, service or social media campaign is virtually required to have an associated video. It has really become almost pervasive in the last 12 months.
At the same time there's a new trick and the folks who get it see significant returns on their investment. It's no longer about video. Now, it's about digital communications. You can make a motion graphics piece, an animation, a video or a combination of them all. This broadening of the category means that if your CEO can't string a sentence together, you can work around it with a great voice over. If you don't have access to an important location or item, you can recreate it. The parallel with Hollywood is clear. We don't have a space-station, but we can make one!
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Web site visitors are very fickle. Too much hyperbole and they snort with derision before closing your web page. A hint of insincerity and you are done. Until recently any kind of animation or motion graphics was viewed as a bit “out there”, but thanks to UPS and their white boards and several other successful Social Media campaigns the acceptance of this new and fresh kind of media has grown. Check out Google's help pages for some of the freshest motion graphics videos you can find.

The key problem with the democratization of web-video is that we were not all ready for it. Organizations are trapped by a lack of marketing message or product benefits, but feel pressure to get some video shot. This subtle change in what a web audience will accept means that you can get a digital communication piece done no matter what, for a reasonable budget. And of course you can spend the savings on a voice coach for your recalcitrant CEO!

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