You Can't Fix a Stupid Website

Ron White - Stupid is Forever

Anyone who has seen comedian Ron White perform will know that he is very funny and a great storyteller.   So what does he have to do with websites? Bear with me on this one.  

In one of his recent tours he tells the story of why he chose to marry his wife (caution - not appropriate for most work places).  He explains that, although she is beautiful, he fell in love with her and decides to marry her based on intelligence and personality, not looks.  Looks are fleeting, and as someone gets older, things begin to sag, droop and wrinkle.  These cosmetic issues can be fixed, but you can't fix stupid. Stupid is for life and will be there long after the beauty has faded.

The same paradigm holds true for your website.   Anyone that chooses a web development firm based mainly on their beautiful portfolio of designs is taking a big risk.  The design of a website can, will, and should change over time, based on new marketing initiatives, brand issues, user feedback and a host of other factors.  These "look and feel" changes, although not completely painless, are relatively easy to make.  But the technology platform that your website is built upon and the team that you "marry" to build and support the site are long term commitments (divorce from your technology is often ugly and expensive.)  

If the technical platform of your website, behind the glitz and the glamour of the incredible design, is not right for your business, then you have bigger problems than a blue button versus a green button.  Because you can change the look (give your website as many facelifts as you like), but you can't fix stupid!

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