Writing Great White Papers

For many B2B marketers, generating quality leads through the web is a critical objective.


We have all received offers for a free white paper in an email or perhaps come across something through a PPC ad or Twitter link.  When you click on the link you are asked to provide some information before you can access the content.  I must see at least 5-6 of these each day.

So how can you write thought leadership content in the form of white papers that will actually generate leads?  Stephanie Tilton of Ten Ton Marketing has written an ebook that helps outline this process. 

5 Steps to a White Paper that Pulls in the Perfect Prospect

Click here to download the PDF, and no, I do not ask you to complete a form before you download.
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According to research done by Information Week, as many as 2/3 of their readers consider white papers as thinly veiled sales pitches, which of course many of them are.

Stephanie outlines 5 ways you can elevate your white papers so that that  they stand out from the clutter and deliver value.

  1. Deliver relevant, valuable, and compelling information that turns prospects into buyers
  2. Format to ensure even busy executives read your paper
  3. Craft an attention-grabbing title
  4. Increase the likelihood of registration
  5. Reap the rewards of reciprocity

The PDF is full of helpful information, but of course the hard part is actually producing the content.  That's where experts like Ten Ton Marketing can help if you don't have the bandwidth or expertise to do it yourself.

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