ten24 Name

Many people ask where the ten24 name came from, well here's the answer.

The number 1024 happens to come up frequently in relation to computers.  Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

In measuring bytes 1024 is often used in place of 1000 as the quotients of the units byte, kilobyte, megabyte, etc. In 1999, the IEC coined the term kibibyte for multiples of 1024, with kilobyte being used for multiples of 1000. As of 2008, this convention has not been widely adopted.

In binary notation, 1024 is represented as 10000000000, making it a simple round number occurring frequently in computer applications.

1024 is the maximum number of computer memory addresses that can be referenced with ten binary switches. This is the origin of the organization of computer memory into 1024-byte chunks (Steve Brown Method).

In the Rich Text Format, language code 1024 indicates the text is not in any language and should be skipped over when proofing.

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