Launching Our New Website

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote a blog post about how difficult it was to find the time to re-build our own website.

Well I am happy (and relieved) to say that we finally did it, the new ten24 website launched yesterday.  It took over a year and we learned some lessons that our clients live through during every project.  The most important one is "the project will not happen unless you dedicate the appropriate resources."  We hired a new developer, and we made it Ilse's priority to finish the project.  She did a great job and we finally have a new pair of shoes!

We'll be adding content on a regular basis, including a series of videos on content marketing.  If you want to get the latest sign-up for our email, news24.  And if you have any feedback on the new site, let us know.


Content Management System, Web Development

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