Simon Free


Developing Your Site's "Mobile Readiness"

8/22/13 Web Development 0 Comments

When ten24 started back in 2008, mobile accessibility was merely on the horizon. Today, organizations come to us not only looking for a website to give traditional internet users an experience they expect, but one that seamlessly translates that experience onto mobile devices as well. Some organizations also want an app to make things even easier for their audiences, available in all app stores across all devices.


The Importance of Customer Service

8/1/12 Web Development 0 Comments

When you are shopping online, what is it that you look for in a web site that makes you think, “Yes, I am going to give this site my business?"  Is it the website design?  Maybe the super low prices?  What about the customer service? Learn from my experiences with two very well-known online companies.

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