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We Are Not the Same Company We Were Two Years Ago

9/19/18 Engineering , Slatwall , ten24 ... 0 Comments

ten24 has been in business for a little over 10 years, and over that time the business has certainly evolved, but the last 18 months have produced the most significant growth and demanded the most change.


B2B eCommerce Requirements Guide from Slatwall

10/15/17 B2B Marketing , eCommerce , Slatwall 0 Comments

Check out our free B2B eCommerce requirements document to guide you through the process of creating a platform that’s right for your company.


Slatwall Commerce v5.0 is Released

9/14/17 eCommerce , Slatwall 0 Comments

The Slatwall Commerce team is excited to announce the release of version 5.0.  This major release includes enhancements to the SKU Pricing Manager, allowing changes to be administered directly to your products sku listing quickly and easily.


ten24 Announces the Release of Slatwall Commerce v4.4

8/25/16 eCommerce , Slatwall , ten24 0 Comments

We are excited to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce v4.5!


ten24 hosting Chamber Seminar on eCommerce

8/18/16 eCommerce , Slatwall 0 Comments

On Wedensday September 21st at 4pm, ten24 will be presenting a seminar entitled "7 Keys to a Successful eCommerce Launch" 


Voice as Interface Talk at ten24

7/29/16 Web Development 0 Comments

On July 28th, 2016 ten24's development team demontrated how to use voice to interact with web and your environment. 


ten24 is Participating in Worcester's Second Annual Innovation Month

3/1/16 ten24 0 Comments

The Venture Forum (TVF), in collaboration with entrepreneur-focused organizations and local colleges, announces Worcester’s second annual Innovation Month


Great Year, Exciting things Ahead

1/7/16 ten24 0 Comments

What a year!  2015 was full of wonderful things.  New talent to our team of developers; projects with exciting challenges; and getting to know our Worcester neighbors, has been some of the things that we got to celebrate.


ten24 Name

10/26/15 Lead Generation , Email Marketing , B2B Marketing ... 0 Comments

Many people ask where the ten24 name came from, well here's the answer.


Custom Attributes Provide Flexibility in Slatwall

6/25/15 eCommerce , Slatwall 0 Comments

Greg Moser, Slatwall Commerce's Product Manager, recently published a video explaining Custom Attributes.


3 Recent eCommerce Articles

5/5/15 B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing , eCommerce ... 0 Comments

We have been hard at work generating great content for the Slatwall Commerce website, including these three recent articles:


2015 Web Usability Report

4/9/15 B2B Marketing , SEO , ten24 0 Comments

Which content elements are most important to their target audiences? What causes them to leave a website and not return? And most importantly, what website factors will encourage the prospective buyer to take the next step in the sales process?


Major New Release of Slatwall

4/9/15 eCommerce , Slatwall , ten24 0 Comments

ten24 is pleased to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce v4.0.  This is no ordinary release, here are some highlights:


ten24 Hosting Meetup on April 30th

3/22/15 eCommerce , Slatwall , ten24 ... 0 Comments

Ryan Marchand, lead developer on Slatwall Commerce, will present on Angular JS and the use of Typescript.  Sign-up can be found at at Meetup.com.


What is it like to work and play at ten24?

2/17/15 eCommerce , ten24 , Web Development 0 Comments

We recently moved our office into downtown Worcester Massachusetts and had a big party to celebrate. Our friends at SkyScope shot some video of the festivities to give us an idea of what it is like to work, and play, at ten24.


Nice article on ten24's office and our alliance with WBDC's business incubator

2/2/15 ten24 0 Comments

The title of the article is "New office of software firm ten24 has razzle-dazzle"!  Scribble on the walls, play a game of ping pong, lounge on a sofa.


New Office Address

12/2/14 ten24 0 Comments

On December 1st we moved our main office to a new building in downtown Worcester Massachusetts.


B2B Website Usability Survey

10/8/14 Lead Generation , B2B Marketing , SEO 0 Comments

Earlier this year Komarketing Associates released findings from a survey they ran in conjunction with Dianna Huff, asking B2B buyers about the role vendor websites play in the B2B buying process. They had seen many reports on how B2B buyers find information online and what tactics B2B marketers were using to reach target audiences, but couldn’t find anything of significance when it came to the buying experience once that buyer actually got to the vendor website.


Tax Integrations Available in New Slatwall eCommerce Release

9/9/14 eCommerce 0 Comments

ten24 continues it's aggressive development of the Slatwall eCommerce platform with the release of v3.4.  This is the third new release of Slatwall in 2014.


ten 24 Sponsoring Adobe's CF Summit

7/22/14 eCommerce , Slatwall , ten24 0 Comments

ten24 is pleased to be sponsoring Adobe's 2014 Coldfusion Summit in Las Vegas, October 16 - 17.  We will featuring our open-source eCommerce application Slatwall during the conference, specifically the release of v4.0.


Big Data Application

6/4/14 B2B Marketing , ten24 , Web Development 0 Comments

Advanced Medical Strategies' came to ten24 with a challenge; How do you present comprehensive cost data associated with 150 catastrophic illnesses from every state in the country and the insurers within those states in a way that is useful to users? 


Jonathan Gibbs and Tiara Laviolette join the ten24 Team

1/2/14 eCommerce , Slatwall , ten24 ... 0 Comments

As we continue to grow and look for talented individuals we are happy to have Jonathan and Tiara join our team.


The ten24 Team Battles at F1 in Boston

12/15/13 ten24 0 Comments

The 2013 ten24 Holiday Party headed to F1 in Boston to do some cart racing.  It was a blast!


Slatwall 3.1 Launches with Reporting and Stripe Integration

9/10/13 eCommerce , Slatwall , ten24 ... 2 Comments

The latest version of Slatwall, version 3.1, launches today -- this update includes a fully functional reporting framework, integration with the payment gateway Stripe, and many more features.


Simon Free to Speak at Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2013

8/23/13 0 Comments

Simon Free, Senior Application Developer for ten24 Digital Solutions, has been asked to present at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit taking place at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 24th-25th, 2013.


ten24 Announces the Official Release of Slatwall v3.0

8/13/13 0 Comments

ten24 Digital Solutions, along with the entire open-source community, is excited to officially announce the release of Slatwall v3.0.


Slatwall: Beyond eCommerce Slides

6/5/13 eCommerce , Slatwall , Web Development 0 Comments

We recently sponsored a developer conference in Minneapolis at the crazy huge Mall of America.  Not actually at the mall, but at a hotel attached to the mall. 


What We Do: Defining Digital Commerce Management

2/14/13 eCommerce , Slatwall , Web Development 0 Comments

Many companies struggle to articulate exactly what they do, what value they bring to clients or customers.  As a young company (about to enter our sixth year), ten24 has been no different.


Latest Version of Slatwall Leads us into 2013

1/9/13 Email Marketing , B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing ... 0 Comments

Yesterday we announced the release of the latest version of Slatwall, our open source eCommerce platform.  Version 2.3 includes some important new functionality, such as Admin Order Entry, and performance enhancements.


Looking forward to the New Year

12/22/11 0 Comments

It isn't that I can't wait to see 2011 end, sure we have faced our challenges just like any other company as it grows, but this year as a whole has been positive.  But there is lot to look forward to in 2012:


Need help with your website? Go and find a good mechanic!

11/21/11 Content Management System , Web Development 0 Comments

"When you want to buy a car, go and find the best mechanic in town, and ask him which car he thinks is the best quality in your price range, and then go and buy that car."


ten24 Signs as a Sponsor of RIA Unleashed 2011

9/12/11 eCommerce , Web Development 0 Comments

ten24 Web Solutions has signed to be a Sponsor of RIA Unleashed Boston 2011, October 27-28 at Bentley College.


You Can't Fix a Stupid Website

9/9/11 B2B Marketing , Content Management System , Web Development 0 Comments

Anyone who has seen comedian Ron White perform will know that he is very funny and a great storyteller.   So what does he have to do with websites?


Version 1.0 of Slatwall is Released

8/2/11 B2C Marketing , Content Management System , eCommerce ... 0 Comments

After 12 months of hard work we are pleased to launch v1.0 of our e-commerce platform, Slatwall.


ten24 Signs on as Gold Sponsor of MuraCon 2011

6/21/11 Content Management System , eCommerce 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that ten24 has signed on as a Gold Sponsor of the first annual MuraCon in Sacremento, CA on August 25th and 26th, 2011.


Anna Barcelos Featured in 52 Comms Mixup Video

6/15/11 B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing , Content Marketing ... 0 Comments

Justin Goldsborough is a Digital Strategist at Fleishman-Hillard in Kansas City.  He had a great idea to interview 52 marketing professionals in 2011, and our own Anna Barcelos was number 11. 


Reflections on our third anniversary

4/1/11 0 Comments

A quick post to list some personal reflections on this third anniversary for ten24 Web Solutions.


2011 Content Marketing Summit

3/23/11 Lead Generation , Email Marketing , B2B Marketing ... 0 Comments

Last year we produced an event called the Content Marketing Summit and it was a great success, not that we can take all of the credit.  The three presentations were fantastic, with lots of information and real life case studies.


CMS Plugins Suck

3/8/11 B2B Marketing , Content Management System , Web Development 0 Comments

Ok, they don't suck all of the time.  Plugins are an essential component of open source applications, but you should be able to deliver a robust website utilizing the core of the CMS, relying on plugins only for project specific needs.


What is it like to work with us? 10 statements about ten24

2/2/11 0 Comments

This post was inspired by a conversation we had recently with a long term partner.  I was introducing them to a new hire and asked if they would describe why ten24 is a trusted resource.  The answers they provided are an excellent description of what we do, how we do it and what it's like to work with us.


Building a Business Takes a Village

11/17/10 0 Comments

I never thought I would utter these words but Hillary Clinton was right, it does take a village, but not only when raising kids.  In order to build a successful business you need to create and nurture a community, and very often several communities at once.


What's in it for me?

10/5/10 Web Development 0 Comments

I was watching the football game last night with a good friend of mine, a very successful salesperson for a manufacturer of automation equipment.


DroidX debuts on the Orange Couch

8/26/10 0 Comments

We got our new DroidX's in today and decided to do the big unveiling on the couch.  Check out the video.


First Client on the Orange Couch

8/20/10 Web Development 0 Comments

Daria Pannesi, Marketing Communication Specialist from PointRight, was the first client to visit our new office.


Launching Our New Website

8/13/10 Content Management System , Web Development 0 Comments

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote a blog post about how difficult it was to find the time to re-build our own website.


Web Content Marketing Summit

3/3/10 B2B Marketing , Content Marketing , SEO 1 Comment

This event is designed to provide concrete strategies for creating, managing and marketing your companies content on the web.


Another Partner Comes Aboard

2/14/10 ten24 , Web Development 0 Comments

Sumit Verma, an experienced web developer with years of experience building enterprise level applications, has joined the ten24 team.


New Partner Joins ten24

1/10/10 Email Marketing , B2C Marketing , ten24 ... 0 Comments

I am always looking for talented individuals who understand how to deliver real business solutions through the web


Helpful Report on Avoiding Sales Mistakes

12/9/09 Lead Generation , B2B Marketing 0 Comments

Are you responsible for selling your company's services? Then you know that selling is hard!


Webinars for Lead Generation

11/24/09 Lead Generation , B2B Marketing 0 Comments

Can webinars create new business and cut marketing costs?


Writing Great White Papers

11/11/09 Lead Generation , B2B Marketing , Content Marketing 0 Comments

For many B2B marketers, generating quality leads through the web is a critical objective.


Buy Versus Build

10/20/09 Lead Generation , B2B Marketing 0 Comments

Buying an existing software tool versus building something custom is a common dilemma our clients face.


Cool Web Tool

8/26/09 0 Comments

I was checking out some websites while eating lunch today and came across an interesting blog post


Choosing a CMS that Works with SEO

8/3/09 Content Management System , SEO , Web Development 0 Comments

Content Management Systems definitely make managing a website’s content easier. But not all CMS platforms help you keep up with the fast pace of improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.


New Pair of Shoes

7/28/09 Web Development 6 Comments

How does that saying go, something about the cobbler's kids always running around in worn out shoes?


LinkedIn Discussion Regarding the Hidden Costs in Website Development Projects

4/10/09 Web Development 0 Comments

I asked LinkedIn group members to comment on my recent blog post covering four key tasks that are consistently underestimated in web projects.


Hidden Costs in Website Development Projects: Four Key Tasks that are Consistently Underestimated

3/31/09 Web Development 0 Comments

Many organizations enter into website development without fully understanding the resources required to complete the project successfully.


9 Tools Marketers Need in their Toolbox

2/17/09 Email Marketing , Content Management System , SEO ... 0 Comments

I recently served as an expert panelist for a webinar entitled Lead Generation Tactics for Resource Limited Small Businesses. The session was produced and hosted by Eric Glazer of the Marketing Studio.


Business Case for Content Management

12/30/08 B2B Marketing , Content Management System , Content Marketing ... 0 Comments

I recently did a talk at that focused on the business reasons for deploying content management system.


Web Based Business Tools

12/17/08 0 Comments

These are some of the tools ten24 uses on a daily basis to do business


Why your B2B Website Matters

12/10/08 Lead Generation , B2B Marketing 0 Comments

The folks at Raintoday.com have put together some great research on how companies purchase professional services and what role the website plays in that process.


Cost Effective Web Tools for Nonprofits

11/21/08 Content Management System 0 Comments

Scientific American Magazine

Slatwall Commerce enables Scientific American to captilize on new marketing opportunities.


ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Responsive website provides a more user-friendly experience for customers. 

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