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Version 4.2 has been released!

12/22/15 Lead Generation , Email Marketing , B2B Marketing ... 0 Comments

We are excited to announce the release of version 4.2 codenamed Chupacabra.


3 Steps to Building a Successful Prototype...Quickly!

4/23/13 Web Development 0 Comments

When you start a project by having the difficult conversations you can't avoid, you save yourself frustrations later. It's easy to feel positive making a lot of progress, discussing and agreeing on easier issues, but you will be quickly deflated when more complicated features come up for discussion.


Defining a Successful Prototype

4/16/13 Web Development 0 Comments

In the past several months, we've been fortunate to work with a number of entrepreneurs and small companies actively building their businesses on the web. Working in industries from clothing to industrial thermal oxidizers, these companies are creating, designing and launching applications on the web either as a service or a small piece of the business.


A Blog? I Can't Do That! Five Steps to Making a Case

5/18/11 B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing 0 Comments

We encounter a number of clients and end-users who insist there is no way they could support a blog. A blog is basically a collection of centrialized content. Examples can include articles, press releases, events, case studies, or a key hire announcement.


Building Customer Profiles

2/10/11 Email Marketing , B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing ... 0 Comments

Marketers need to spend more time increasing the quality, not so much the quantity, of their databases. Here are five ways to get better quality data while not annoying customers.


Getting Transactional - 10 Tips for Launching a Transactional E-mail Campaign

1/6/11 Email Marketing , B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing ... 0 Comments

When it comes to e-mail marketing, building a single broadcast e-mail doesn't intimidate most of us. But a triggered or transactional e-mail campaign always causes high anxiety. Here are a set of ten tips to help get you started.


Optimizing On-Site Subscription Opportunities

12/15/10 Email Marketing , B2C Marketing , eCommerce ... 0 Comments

While holiday shopping earlier this week, I was reminded of the importance of the integration between your subscription list and your e-commerce site. Too often, website forms and acquisition methods become too focused on a single purpose. A contact form is only a contact form, a catalog request form does only that and your checkout process is for shopping only.


My new website is live, now what?

11/16/10 Web Development 0 Comments

Your site has launched. You’re still getting pats on the back from the rest of your team and you still have that “I just accomplished something big” glow. Things are good. Just don’t forget that there’s no such thing as a finish line for a web marketing project.


Fighting Feature Creep on the Product Page

10/28/10 B2B Marketing , B2C Marketing , eCommerce ... 0 Comments

It’s happened to us all - it starts out slowly with a feature here, a must-have script there and soon enough your product detail page is chock full of widgets, gadgets, apps, animations and more. Somewhere, deep in the there, you’ve still got a “Buy” button. Now if your customers could only find it.


Fighting the "BOLD" Fight!

10/11/10 Content Management System , Web Development 0 Comments

If you have experience managing content on the web or designing, you've seen it. Take a simple website and begin making design elements “stand out”. The changes begin innocently enough and with the best of intentions.

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